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A handwritten transcription of the poem "Disappointment" written by Orra White [Hitchcock]. It is noted at the top of the page that the poem was published in the Hampshire Gazette, March 4, 1818. The poem is simply signed "O." The final page…

One of 61 drawings done by Orra White Hitchcock for use in Professor Edward Hitchcock's classes on geology and natural history. This is a reproduction of a preexisting drawing.

Geology lecture notes by Edward Hitchcock on the topic of a universal flood. Hitchcock outlines what he considers to be the geological evidence of a universal flood as is described in the Bible. He refutes some ideas about proofs of the flood…

Natural history lecture notes by Edward Hitchcock introducing the subject of geology to his students. Hitchcock discusses some of the difficulties involved in studying geology, such as less distinct differences between types of rocks, changes in rock…

A manuscript draft by Edward Hitchcock of a lecture included in his work "The Religion of Geology and its Connected Sciences." This lecture, "Unity of the Divine Plan and Operation in all Ages of the World's History," is labeled as the seventh, but…

A manuscript draft by Edward Hitchcock of the first five lectures included in his work "The Religion of Geology and its Connected Sciences." Hitchcock attempts to demonstrate the relationships between religion and geology while also discussing the…

A fragment of a poem by Edward Hitchcock in which the poet laments being unable to gaze upon the sights he once could see, especially the stars and planets.

A certificate entitling Edward Hitchcock to four shares in stock of The Metropolitan Soap Stone Company. Signed by the President of the company, Charles B. Stuart and its Secretary, whose name could not be deciphered.

Disbound printed title page of Edward Hitchcock's "Final Report on the Geology of Massachusetts"

A portrait of Edward Hitchcock, facing right, with caption, made by Boston lithographer J.H. Bufford. This image was used as the frontispiece for Hitchcock's "Reminiscences of Amherst College," published in 1863 by Bridgman & Childs.
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